Founders Story

It is not often in one’s life to be able to tell the story, the REAL story of how an idea was born and the struggles of one’s life to do so. A peer hotline for police started 41 years ago when I became part of a focus group for a Teenline while in high school. As my life morphed into what it is today, my foundation had been strongly set so long ago. Sitting with my mentor from 41 years ago and one of my “buoys” to help guide me and keep me afloat on my journey is one of the highlights of my life. Facebook has been a relatively new addition to my life and on 12/9/19, it became one of my greatest gifts when Robbie Curtis, a fellow Beverly High Alumni answered my call for help when I needed all the “fixings” to make a PSA with Joe Mantegna. From that day on he has been dedicated to helping Copline tirelessly reach as many officers and their families as possible to help save lives. Unfortunately to date, our hopes of having Tom Selleck do a much needed PSA has not happened, but as I had believed when I founded Copline... "If you build it, they will come." I hope this is true for Tom Selleck as he is looked up to by so many that wear the badge. A huge shout out to Romeo Carey who has opened his arms and studio to Copline at KBEV. Thank you all for being part of my village.


Stephanie Samuels
Director and Founder, Copline, Inc.